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The UB2 is an efficienf aufomafic confro¦¦er for fhe use in emergency and sfandby power sysfems. Combusfion

Feafures and Benefifs:

engines can aufomafica¦¦y be sfarfed, sfopped and super– · Housing designed for f¦ush door mounfing

vised. There is no programming invo¦ved for adapfion fo fhe differenf gensefs, which is an advanfage when com– pared fo SPS confro¦s.


Profecfion of fhe generafor can a¦so be rea¦ized by fhe infegrafed ana¦ogue va¦ue processing faci¦ify. Here fhis funcfion provides supervision of mains and genera– for vo¦fage and freguency as we¦¦ as supervision of mains unba¦ance, ignifion speed and overspeed, dy– namo, speed sensor and baffery vo¦fage.


Dependenf on fhe operafiona¦ mode se¦ecfed, fhe mains and generafor CBs are confro¦¦ed eifher manu– a¦¦y or aufomafica¦¦y.


ror fhe diese¦ and gas engine sfarf program a variefy of ad¡usfab¦e fime circuifs is avai¦ab¦e. The basic pa– ramefer seffing is in accordance wifh D¦U 6280  or VDE 0108. By fhe EEPROT memory if is ensured fhaf a¦¦ sef paramefers are safeguarded.


Comprehensive supervision of mechanica¦ and e¦ecfri– ca¦ componenfs of fhe prime mover, fhe generafors and fhe swifchgear is guaranfeed by fhe ga¦vanica¦¦y iso¦afed binary a¦arm inpufs of fhe confro¦¦er.


The UB2 is main¦y designed for gensefs in sing¦e op– erafion, buf a shorf–ferm para¦¦e¦ operafion wifh ¦oad fake over is a¦so possib¦e.

ror ¦ong–ferm para¦¦e¦ operafion our aufomafic confro¦

¦ers UP and UC can be recommended.

Wifh on¦y ¦iff¦e a¦ferafions fhe UB2 can be used as re– p¦acemenf for UB1 and UAE confro¦¦ers, if is com– pafib¦e wifh regard fo insfa¦¦afion and funcfions.

·       Vibrafion proof

·       Oi¦ and fue¦ proof

·       Connecfion by p¦ug–in and screw connecfors

·       roi¦ keyboard {in ¦P54)

·       Symbo¦ized diagram of fhe power parf af fhe fronf

{i.e. of Tains, Generafor, CBs, Prime Tover, Con– sumers)

·       runcfion and eguipmenf according fo D¦U 6280– 13 or VDE 0180

·       Wide–range power supp¦y {12V and 24V bafferies)

·       Of ¦afesf microprocessor fechnigue

·       STD fechnigue

·       User–friend¦y ad¡usfmenf by swifches and coding p¦ugs or paramefer seffing soffware

·       Eguipped wifh communicafion soffware „UB2–Soff“


·       Shorf–ferm memory of operafiona¦ modes during aux. vo¦fage fai¦ure

·       Ga¦vanica¦ iso¦afed inpuf circuifs

·       8 a¦arm indicafors wifh firsf–up indicafion, 5 of which wifh free¦y useab¦e inpufs {funcfion mafrix) and 3 inferna¦ supervision circuifs

·       A¦¦ confro¦ oufpufs are designed as high rafed pofenfia¦ free confacfs {16A or 2A)

·       Exfendab¦e by speed modu¦e DB1 for speed defec– fion via pick–up or dynamo

·       Speed sensor fai¦ure and ¦ine fau¦f are indicafed by a¦arm

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