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Applications and Features:

Relay XP2-R of the PROFESSIONAL LINE is a digital relay for reverse power detection of gen.- sets in parallel and active power supervision of power systems.


For generators operating in parallel with a mains or another generator, it is imperative to supervise the power direction. If for example the prime mover fails the alternator operates as a motor and drives the prime mover (diesel or turbine). The XP2-R detects the reverse of the power direction and - in case of this error - switches off the alternator. This way, power losses and damages of the prime mover are avoided.

When compared to conventional protection equipment all relays of the PROFESSIONAL LINE re- flect the superiority of digital protection technique with the following features:


·                     High measuring accuracy by digital processing

·                     Fault indication via LEDs

·                     Extremely wide operating ranges of the supply volt-age by universal wide range power supply unit

·                     Very fine graded wide setting ranges

·                     Data exchange with process management system by serial interface adapter XRS1 which can be retrofitted

·                     True power measurement by multiplication of current and voltage

·                     Extremely short response time

·                     Adjustment of rated data

·                     Compact design by SMD-technology


In addition to this relay XP2-R has the following special features:

·                     Measurement phase-to-neutral or phase-to-phase voltage possible

·                     Tripping times for supervision P and PR adjustable

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