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The cast resin current transformer type GR are post type with wound primary, encapsuled in synthetics resin.
These current transformers offer the following advantages

Completely dry insulated and suitable for using in any climate
Leakage trouble free
High degree of arcing and mechanical stability
Good behaviour of electrodynamic forces

The GR wound primary current transformers meet the I.E.C 185 standard and can be adapted for compliance with V. D. E and B.S.
Each current transformer is completed with base mounting plate of aluminium alloy, moreover each secondary terminal can be grounded.
Our current transformers have already been type-tested by L.M.K.

VOLTAGE                                         : Rated voltage up to 24 kV
                                                                : Power frequency test voltage up to 50 kV
                                                                : Impulse test voltage up to 125 kV
PRIMARY CURRENT                         : From 40 up to 2000 Amp. , others on request
CHANGING OF RATIO                     : Primary reconnection
SECONDARY CURRENTS                 : 5 or 1 Amp
SHORT TIME THERMAL CURRENT : 100x In (rated primary current)
                                                                :  maximum 75 kA
BURDEN                                         : 5, 10, 15, 30 VA, others on request
ACCURACY                                         : 0,5 or 1 for measuring purposes
                                                                : 5P or 10P for protective purpose
FREQUENCY                                         : 50 or 60 Hz, others values on request
TEST                                                 : Are carried out in accordance with I.E.C, V.D.E. standard.
                                                                : Routine test include. accuracy, accuracy limit
                                                                  factor,   high   voltage   power  frequency  withstand test (primary and secondary) and partial discharge test.
                                                                  Type test (only on request) can be carried out by L.M.K at additional price

donwload datasheet for mor details

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