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BI1 - Time Over-current Relay

* selective over-and undercurrent protection relay for electr. machines, lines and networks
* load dependent connection and disconnection of consumers and electric power generators in load shedding schemes.

The BI1 is equipped with an independent over- (I>) and undercurrent supervision (I<) with seperate adjustable pickup values and trip delays.
The measured current is continuously compared with the set reference values.
If the current exceeds or drop below the set value the relay trip after the time delay has elapsed.
Undercurrent supervision can be deactivated by turning potentiometer I<In to 0%.

Technical Data
rated voltage Un                                                         : 24 V DC or 230 V AC +- 20%
power consumption                                                   : 3.3 W
dropout to pickup ratio                                             : >97 %
Thermal load
carrying capacity                                                         : continuously 4 x In
returning time                                                             : 400 ms
minimum operating time                                          : 400 ms
rated frequency                                                          : 50/60 Hz

Output Relays
max. breaking capacity ohmic                                 : 250 V AC/120 W DC
inductive                                                                      : 500 V AC/75 W DC
rated current                                                               : 5 A
Making current 20 A

System Data
regulations                                                                 : VDE 0435 part 303
temperature range at storage and operation     : -25 celcius bis + 70 celcius

Mechanical Stress
shock                                                                           : class 1 DIN IEC 255-21-2
Vibration                                                                     : class 1 acc. to DIN IEC 255-21-1
degree of protection                                                 : IP 40 at closed front cover
weight                                                                          : approx 0,5 kg
mounting position                                                     : any

The unit BI1 is designed to be fastened onto a DIN-rail acc. to DIN EN 50022 same as all units of the BASIC LINE.
The front plate of the unit is protected with a sealable transparent cover (IP40).
Please remove the transparent cover with a screw driver to adjust the relay.

LED I< is used to indicated operational without fault with steady light. LEDs I> and I< indicated pickup of the relay by flashing.
At undercurrent tripping LED I< extinguishes. LED I> indicates tripping at over-current (steady light).

Auxiliary Voltage Supply
The unit BI1 needs a separate auxiliary voltage supply. the auxiliary voltage should be 24 V DC or 230 V AC (refer to order key !).
Hint !
The correct polarity of connection terminals has to be observed :
A1 = L+
A2 = L-

Connecting Terminals
The connection up to a maximum of 2 x 2.5 s mm cross-section conductors is possible. For this procedure the transparent cover of the unit has be removed.

Setting Ranges
I< : 0 - 100 % In
tI< : 0 - 20 s
I> : 50 - 150 % In
tI> : 0 - 20 s

donwload datasheet for mor details

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