Terms & Conditions

Please kindly read carefully these terms and conditions before you starting transactions at sinarelektrindo.com 

in this terms and conditions, every words "you" mean the user or buyers that have an account on sinarelektrindo.com, and the word "we" means us the seller and as the administrator of sinarelektrindo.com

every activities related to the use of the site, then either the owner, the operator, the user in this case as well is the seller (merchant) and the buyer, legally protected through Law - Law of the Republic of Indonesia No.11 of 2008 on Information and Technology Act.


  • In this Agreement the term "User" refers to individuals, both citizens of Indonesia, a foreign citizen, or a legal entity with the ability to use a computer, computer network or other electronic media sinarelektrindo.com able to access the site in accordance with its requirements. In this case also includes users who have signed up on the site as a Registered User sinarelektrindo.com for certain services which may be provided by the site sinarelektrindo.com
  • This Agreement is governed and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia). The parties named in this Agreement hereby agree to submit to the court in Indonesia.
  • By using the services on the site sinarelektrindo.com, you have accepted and agreed the terms and conditions sinarelektrindo.com that have been or will be applied following and the changes may be there in the future for further.


  • We have the authority to determine the scope of services provided within the site, including but not limited www.sinarelektrindo.com stop and change any services or conditions without notice to you.
  • The price of the products as contained in sinarelektrindo.com can change at any time without prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to restrict or not grant access, or provide different access for sinarelektrindo.com can open the site and its features to each user, or to change any of the features or introduce new features without prior notice.
  • Each User acknowledges that sinarelektrindo.com site can not be used wholly or in part for any reason, the business or any activities conducted Users can be disrupted. Each User hereby further agrees that for whatever reason frees Us from any liability to the User or to third parties if that question can not use the site sinarelektrindo.com (whether due to disruption, network maintenance, limited access, feature changes or for other reasons) ; or communications or transmission delays, errors or can not connect; or if there is damage (direct, indirect) the use of or inability to use the site sinarelektindo.com or any of the features on the site.


  • User ID and Password obtained through the registration process in sinarelektrindo.com required to initiate the transaction process.
  • You are responsible for maintaining payment Information Card Number, User ID and Password are confidential and private. You will not disclose such information to unauthorized parties and will take all necessary steps to protect that information. If you fail to do so, then you will be responsible for all transactions conducted through the site sinarelektrindo.com.
  • You also understand and agree that for your own protection, it is possible to cancel Tokone.com Username / Password and therefore you will need to register again to get access to the service uses.
  • Each User agrees not to copy, use or download all of the information, text, images, video footage, directories, documents, databases or existing ad Tokone.com our site or obtained through sinarelektrindo.com sites for any purpose, including but not limited to they sell or distribute the content of the site sinarelektrindo.com, do mass marketing (email, SMS, regular mail or other), running a business to utilize this site for commercial purposes outside the transaction with sinarelektrindo.com, Users are not allowed to take the site's contents systematically to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database or directory (either using automated tools or manual processes) without written permission from us. Additionally Users are not permitted to use the content or materials mentioned above for any purpose that is not mentioned in this Agreement.
  • While visiting and using the site sinarelektrindo.com, including any features and services, each Users are not permitted to:

  1. Violates any applicable laws (including but not limited to regulations regarding export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising), the right - the right of the other party either intellectual property rights, rights, and others, and rules - rules that governed to this Agreement.
  2. Provide information and content that is false, inaccurate, is misleading, defamatory, are immoral, pornographic, discriminatory or racist.
  3. Take actions that can disrupt the system and the feedback or ratings (such as displaying, importing or exporting information or input from an external site or use it for purposes unrelated to the site sinarelektrindo.com)
  4. Gives account on the site (including feedback) and the name of the account to another party without our knowledge.
  5. Spread spam, things - things that do not commit adultery, or large amounts of electronic messages, or  continues message.
  6. Distribute viruses or all other similar technologies that can damage and / or harm sinarelektrindo.com sites, affiliates and other users.
  7. Insert or remove features on the site sinarelektrindo.com without the knowledge and consent of us.
  8. Store, reproduce, modify, or distribute content and features sinarelektrindo.com sites, including the way the services, content, copyrights and intellectual contained on the site sinarelektrindo.com
  9. Take or collect information from other users, including email addresses, without the knowledge of other users.
  • Users understand and know consciously that we can change the terms of the Privacy at any time and will include the latest version on the site sinarelektrindo.com
  • Each User is obliged to pay the full amount for transactions conducted in accordance with the terms of the transaction and payment.
  • Each user is solely responsible if the User violating the provisions - provisions that have been detailed in this Agreement, and agree to release Us and its affiliates for all losses caused by the violations committed by the User.
  • Each User is obliged to pay the full amount for transactions conducted in accordance with the terms of the transaction and payment.
  • All forms of complaints on delivery is the responsibility of courier services that deliver it. Relative to the User agrees to release Us for any claims and damages suffered by users associated with the order delivery process.
  • Users are entitled to make a complaint to us on the quality of product orders.
  • Sinarelektrindo.com products are available all the products available on the site. Ordering a product with the category "no stock" will be automatically canceled. You can put these products into the Wishlist for further reference at a later time.
  • Every product purchased from sinarelektrindo.com suite comes with a warranty from the manufacturer of goods.
  • Products purchased can not be canceled, refunded or exchanged for other products. Goods received just checked again.
  • If the goods are not received by the other party cardholder or not the recipient is listed in "Shipping Info" then it must attach a power of attorney with a copy of ID card attachment.


  • We are not responsible if you do not get access to sinarelektrindo.com and services or we can not carry out orders from you either partly or entirely due sinarelektrindo.com may be inaccessible at certain times due to the maintenance, modification, expansion and / or due to failure of telecommunications, electricity caused by things that are beyond the capability We include computer virus problems or Trojan Horses system or harmful components that can interfere sinarelektrindo.com services, web browser or computer system, or Internet service Provider, because natural disasters, wars, riots, state of the equipment, systems or transmission function, power failures, interruption of telecommunications, government policy, and other events or other causes beyond our control or ability.
  • We are not obligated to investigate the authenticity or verify the accuracy and completeness of your order instructions. Instructions reservations will be considered correct, complete, irrevocable and binding for you. You hereby take full responsibility for all transactions conducted through sinarelektrindo.com and in ensuring the accuracy of your order instructions.
  • We will not be responsible for any claim, claims, losses, or expenses (including legal fees) arising out of or in connection with the following conditions, such as any damage to the facility or facilities related to your terminal as a result of access to sinarelektrindo.com.


  • We are the sole owner or lawful licensee of all rights to the sites and content within the site sinarelektrindo.com. the site and its contents include intellectual property that is protected by copyright laws and laws that protect intellectual property that applies worldwide. All title and intellectual property rights on the site and its contents remain sinarelektrindo.com on Us, affiliates or licensors sinarelektrindo.com site content. All rights not expressly stated in this Agreement or by us hereby reserved.
  • Sinarelektrindo.com sites, names and icons and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected laws on copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify, or install the brands mentioned above.


  • In case of disputes arising in the future as a result of these terms and conditions, the parties agreed to first resolve by discussion and consensus. If the dispute can not be settled amicably, it will be resolved in accordance with applicable law through the Registrar's Office West Jakarta District Court in Jakarta.